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Tramadol: An Effective Back Pain Treatment

One of the most debilitating issues is to develop chronic lower back pain. This kind of pain can limit mobility, sitting, driving, walking and even laying down. Nothing seems comfortable and the longer you are forced to stand, sit or drive, the stiffer and more painful your back becomes until you stand up and everyone around you sees at the bent over version of what used to be you. Images of the old crone come to mind, and you try to stand erect only to yelp in pain. Things are not good, and you need a good pain treatment like Tramadol.

Tramadol is a pain treatment medication for people who suffer chronic lower back pain. Whether your injury is from a lumbar strain or osteoarthritis, if you slump over every time you get out of a car, it is time to talk to your doctor about chronic pain treatments, like Tramadol. This medication is a man-made pain reliever that is not unlike morphine. It binds to the pain receptors in the brain allowing folks like you and me to lead ordinary lives, which means we can sit at a desk, play ball with our children and even ride in a car without undue agony.

Like all pain treatments, Tramadol is not without risks and side effects. One of the greatest risks involved with this medication is dependency. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid abuse of this narcotic. Additionally, once a treatment regimen with Tramadol has begun, it is important not to abruptly stop taking the drug. This is because abrupt withdrawal can cause sleeplessness, anxiety, sweating, rigors, pain, and hallucinations. For more information please refer to Tramadol Side Effects ... (Source:

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