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Uses of Tramadol (Ultram)

Tramadol (Ultram) is a popular FDA approved painkiller used to treat moderate to severe pain both acute and chronic. You can purchase this drug with or without prescription depending on your location. This drug is particularly effective in treating neuropathic pain and is a better replacement for opioids like morphine, oxycodone, or hydrocodone. Tramadol is considered as effective as codeine in treating pain but with fewer side effects.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, arthritis, tension headaches and migraines, Tramadol will be on the rescue. It is also effective in other neuropathic problems like diabetic neuropathy. Tramadol is commonly prescribed by doctors to patients suffering from fibromyalgia. This chronic condition is causing pain, stiffness, and tenderness of the muscles, tendons, and joints. Serious side effects are not prevalent when using this drug to treat fibromyalgia.

Some doctor also use Tramadol to treat other painful conditions such as arthralgia, bone pain, dental pain, myalgia, osteoarthritis and post operative shivering. Sometimes it is also used off label to treat restless leg syndrome and prescribe to patients with refractory depression if they do not respond to other drugs. Most of the time Tramadol users have lower blood pressure so other doctors use it as an alternative medicine to treat hypertensive patients. A person who uses Tramadol as a pain killer should be aware of the possible side effects. For more information please refer to Tramadol Side Effects ... (Source:

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